Baranavichy authorities do not allow entrepreneurs’ meeting

У Баранавічах улады не дазволілі мітынг прадпрымальнікаў

Baranavichy City Executive Committee has not allowed private entrepreneurs to conduct a meeting. Entrepreneur and civil activist Mikalai Charnavus applied for it. He wanted to organize a 1-hour meeting in the Cooperative Market on June 4.

200 people were expected to take part in the meeting, Charnavus told BelaPAN. Local entrepreneurs and their colleagues from Minsk, Homel, Barysau and Polatsk wanted to join the protest. They had planned to discuss their problems and protest against decree #222 forbidding them to sell light industry goods without the Customs Union certificates.

Charnavus was refused because he wanted to organize the meeting in an unusual place – in the old park of culture and recreation. However, the city authorities are forbidding all protest actions even in the usual place, the activist said.