Baranavichy activist Victar Sirytsa to be buried today

Сёння адбудзецца пахаванне баранавіцкага грамадскага актывіста Віктара Сырыцы

Leader of Baranavichy democratic community Victar Sirytsa will be buried today, on November 13, his daughter Vera Halushka wrote on Facebook. The parting ceremony will be held in Kamslamolskaya Street, 28, apartment 65 in Baranavichy. Sirytsa will be buried at the Rusino Cemetery.

Civil activist and historian Victar Sirytsa died at the age of 62 on November 9. He felt bad at the railway station. An ambulance was called but eth doctors could not save his life.


Victar Syrytsa was the head of Baranavichy affiliate of the Belarusian Language Association. He was a member of an election committee at the last presidential election and refused to sign the final report. He expressed his own opinion about the election.


Photo: Radio Liberty