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MILEX 2019: Belarus unveils vehicle with riot control wall

The vehicle with the moving wall is meant to disrupt street riots / Raman Pratasevich, Euroradio

The vehicle designed to stop street riots has been on display MILEX military equipment exhibition in Minsk. It is ‘a special tool’ with a roll-out fence called “Rubezh”. 

A real metal fence can be rolled out of the vehicle to make people move back. The riot police are getting ready to stop mass protests in Belarusian streets this way.

“Rubezh” was not on the list of novelties at the exhibition. Such automobiles were first noticed in Minsk on March 25, 2017. They were also seen during the Non-Freeloaders March in Minsk but the riot police decided not to use ‘the special equipment’ back then.

The fences were folded and one could not understand how they worked. Now it has become clear how.

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