Arutsyunau to come to support “KRAMA”

Will Minsk City Executive Committee refuse the well-known bluesman?

The concert presentation of the forbidden band’s album “All life is a strange dream” will take place at the end of June. The result of the confrontation between “KRAMA” and the department of culture of Minsk City Executive Committee was the cancellation of the band’s album presentation at a concert that was to take place some time ago.
Let us remind you that the concert was to take place in a Minsk club “Night Star” on May 30. According to the head of the department of culture Victar Kurash, ideologists of Minsk City Executive Committee thought that the music of “KRAMA” was of low quality.

That is why the musicians did not get a license for the organization of their concert. The administration of the club was made to cancel the concert of the “blacklisted” band.

While talking to an ERB reporter the leader of “KRAMA” noted that it would not influence the release of the band’s CD with new songs. The album will be called “All life is a strange dream”. The CDs will be available at the end of June. The musicians are planning a mini-presentation of the album.

A Russian musician from the Russian band “League of Blues” Nikolai Arutsyunov will also participate in it. Let us remind you that the well-known Russian bluesman took part in the recording of some songs from the new album of “KRAMA”. Arutsyunov will arrive regardless of the size of the hall chosen for the mini-presentation.

 “KRAMA” fans will be able to learn the details about the day and place of the mini-presentation on the site of ERB.

Moreover, ERB and “KRAMA” are going to start an action “Say your word” on Friday. Four songs from the new album “All life is a strange miracle” will be available on the ERB web site.  Everyone will be able to listen to them and even rate them. So people will be able to express their own opinion about the musicians’ “professional skills” and the quality of their new songs.

Moreover, everyone will be able to explain why “KRAMA” has the right to perform not only in small clubs but at the country’s (or maybe the world’s) biggest concert halls too.

The band’s administrator Pavel Kashyryn promised to choose the best arguments and to try them out on the officials from the departments of culture and the ideology of Minsk City Executive Committee if they needed a license again. The authors of the best arguments will receive a gift CD and will even be given an opportunity to visit officials with the musicians.