Anchorwoman Kalina Vardomskaya attacks woman during car conflict (photo)

As reports, the altercation happened in the morning on 9 September. The young woman brought her child to the kindergarten. But in the yard of one of the residential areas near the kindergarten she could not go past another car in the narrow passage. 
According to an eyewitness, the TV news presenter Kalina Vardomskaya driving the red BMW strongly insisted that the Porsche Cayenne driver reversed her car. Although the TV presenter, they say, had much more room for maneuver. The second car was blocked by other cars behind it and simply could not give way. 

After a few minutes of mindless waiting, Vardomskaya got out of her car and spat on the hood of the Porsche. She waited until the driver (who had a child in the car) got out of the car and then attacked her. It is reported that Vardomskaya violently beat the opponent with hands and feet, shouted abuse, tore off her earrings and threw them on the ground. 

A few minutes later she left in an unknown direction. The injured woman was on her knees at the time. Her whole face was covered in bruises, hair was disheveled, her forehead had a few big shots, and her earlobes were bleeding. 

During the fight, one of the witnesses was able to call the police. It is possible that law enforcement officers will bstart a criminal investigation. 

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