Anatol Shumchanka’s Freedom Day fine is cancelled by court

Суд адмяніў штраф Анатолю Шумчанку за Дзень Волі

Judge Valery Kamisarau cancelled Anatol Shumchanka’s fine for the Freedom Day action of March 25. The case papers will be studied by the same district court, Radio Liberty reports. Shumchanka was fined for 6 million 300 thousand roubles.

The trial was appointed for May 24 but he received his subpoena by post only on May 25, the leader of Perspectiva said. He did not receive the police report either which is a violation of his right for defense.

He is not guilty, Shumchanka said. “I was accused of participation in an unauthorized meeting on the Freedom Day but I was near the cinema house Kastrychnik and that meeting had been allowed by the authorities,” the leader of entrepreneurs noted.

Judge Kamisarau cancelled Ryhor Kastusyou’s fine for Freedom Day earlier – there were mistakes in the reports and in the proceedings. A new hearing will be held within two months.