Aleg Korban sentenced to 10 days in jail

According to human rights activists, he was detained at 10 am on August 12 near the  Kamennaya Gorka metro station. In the police station of the Frunzenski district of Minsk  a protocol was drawn on Korban's disorderly conduct. As Illya Dabratvor, Alternatyva activist released today from Akrestsina detention centre after a 14-day arrest, said, Aleg Korban was supposed to meet him. 

"However, since he did not show up at the center, I realized that something was not right," Vyasna website quotes Dabratvor

On July 4, Aleg Korban was already sentenced to 10 days of administrative arrest - after preventive detention on account of the celebration of the official Independence Day in Minsk on July 3. The Alternatyva activist Illya Dabratvor was arrested on July 29 and was sentenced to 14 days of administrative arrest. Their colleague Aleg Keral was arrested on 5 August when he brought Dabratvor a package to Akrestsina and is now serving a 10-day arrest.