Activists detained at concert of "N.R.M" in Homel are arrested and fined

Kanstantsin Zhukouski and Maria Tulzhankova detained at a concert of “N.R.M.” in Homel on March 14 have been fined and sentenced to detention.
The judge – Maria Damnenka - returned Zhukouski guilty of violation of order and disobedience to the police. He was sentenced to 14 days of detention and fined for 700 thousand roubles.

Tulzhankova was returned guilty of distribution of information materials “urging to participate in an unauthorized action on March 25 in Minsk” and fined for 350 thousand roubles.

Tulzhankova and Zhukouski spent three days after their detention till the trial in the confinement cell. By the way, Kanstantsin Zhukouski went on a hunger strike in protest against it.

He claims that strangers who did not introduce themselves attacked him during the concert. They twisted his arms, hit him in the kidneys and tried to throttle him. Zhukouski tried to defend himself and was accused of it, informs BelaPAN.

Let us note that the tax inspectorate has been “attacking” Zhukouski for several months. At first he was fined for having accepted a wedding gift from a foreign guest and later he was demanded to present … a life income statement.