19:50 "Antioppositional" hackers deleted sites on "Third Way" server

As a result of hackers' attack, on April 16th web-pages on the sevrer of civic initiative "Third Way" were deleted. The following web-pages were destroyed: www.3dway.org, www.belzhaba.com, www.multclub.org , as well as pages of partners of "Third Way": www.democraticbelarus.eu, www.belarusy.eu, www.politoboz.com.
Hackers call themselves AntiOppositionForce {AntiPartizan}. The owners of the server assure that all the pages will be restored, but only after the analysis of the condition of the security system of the server. "Third Way" explain the situation in a LiveJournal community - minsk_by.

One of the founders of the "Third Way" Pavel Morozov will comment the situation in the air of ERB on April 17th.