19:07 First Channel refuses Milinkevich to go live

The First Channel has refused to Alexander Milinkevich to make a live appearance on TV screens on April 25. Milinkevich, one of the leaders of the pro-democracy opposition in Belarus, wanted to have debates together with experts on the Chernobyl accident. They were going to "give an independent assessment of the government's efforts to eliminate the aftermath of the nuclear accident" that affected Belarus the most.

Milinkevich also promised "to tell the truth about the government's policy of hiding the problems of those who eliminated the accident and who have to eat food from contaminated areas due to the police of the authorities.

Alexander Zimouski, who chairs the National State Television and Radio Company, responded in his letter that he had doubts over Milinkevich's competence and the competence of his experts on this matter.

Zimouski quoted some European experts who said that the problems with Chernobyl affects were exagerated in this country, reports Interfax.