13 poisoned children remain in Mazyr hospital

71 schoolchildren became the casualties after the mass poisoning, 13 of them stay in Mazyr hospital. Chief Physician of the hospital Syarhei Hankovich has informed this to Euroradio:

"71 kids were delivered to our hospital, we sent most of them home. Those who remained here have nothing serious - just some digestion infection," the doctors say, promising that all children will be at home soon.

Thus, the reason for mass poisoning remains unknown. The children got to the hospital from different schools so it wasn't the cooks' fault. The parents of the poisoned kids write on internet forums that the most likely cause of their children's poisoning is glazed cheese bars of one of the Belarusian manufacturers.

"My son also got poisoned at school. They called the ambulance and took him to the hospital for a gastric lavage. There were many children... The menu differed at all schools, but all the children had glazed cheese bars," one of the fathers writes.

Deputy Director on Manufacture of the Byaroza Cheese Factory Natallia Byaleka turns down the suspicions.

"We are investigating the issue. It just cannot be true. 8 400 bars were shipped to Mazyr, and there were just 70 cases of poisoning. Where are all the others? The sanitary station arrived to us again, they are checking our goods. The bars are clear, they have checked everything. I can guarantee our production is of high quality."

Mazyr Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology should name the exact reason for poisoning. They are holding a consultative session with participation of the city and the Republican specialists now.

The children started arriving to Mazyr city hospital in the afternoon on September 19. Pupils of three schools and one grammar school got poisoned.