Yuri Chizh

A Belarusian MP's bank account had a huge sum deposited there.
Yury Chyzh / belsat.eu
Yury Chyzh / belsat.eu
The businessman wants to receive 19,250 BYN for each registered share with a nominal value of 500 BYN.
Two days out of a KGB jail, businessman Yury Chyzh watches Dynamo Minsk, the football club he used to sponsor.
The website refers to sources that worked in the legal system for many years.
The trial of father and son Uladzimir and Kazbek Yapryntsau begins on charges of major fraud committed by a group of people.
The investigation is not over and Chyzh is being defended by one lawyer, KGB administration reports.
Uladzimir Yapryntsau and his son Kazbek will stand trial on major fraud charges but the date of the hearing is yet to be set.
His father and the club owner Yury Chyzh remains in pretrial detention at a KGB jail.
About 40 businessman’s fellow villagers living in Sabali, Byaroza District, have signed the letter.