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Football: Yury Chyzh wants $500K for Dynamo Minsk shares

Yury Chyzh /

The "Triple" company has officially announced its intention to sell its stake in Dynamo Minsk Football Club. The owner of the company, Yury Chyzh, is selling 52 registered shares for 500 BYN per share. At the same time, he wants to receive 19,250 Belarusian rubles for each share. It means that the entire package (about 57% of the shares) is estimated by its current owner at 1 million rubles, reports.

Rumors about the upcoming Dynamo's change of ownership appeared in late 2018.

“Triple” has about 57% of the club’s shares, with approximately 26% being at the disposal of the Minsk City Executive Committee. Among the potential buyers were several businessmen, in particular, Russian billionaire Mikhail Gutseriyev. There was also a rumor that the shares could be owned by the Minsk city.