Belarusian Partisan: Is Yury Chyzh under house arrest?

Well-known businessman Yury Chyzh has been let off from KGB prison and put under house arrest, the website of Belarusian Partisan reports. People who worked in the legal system for many years think so.


Having analyzed the appearance of witnesses at the trial of former co-owner of Triple Uladzimir Yapryntsau and his son Kazbek, Belarusian Partisan experts came to this conclusion.

For instance, ex-head of the legal department of the company Dzmitry Yarmak arrested together with Chyzh was in handcuffs and guarded in the court room. These are the general rules applied to the arrested.


However, Yury Chyzh was not in handcuffs and nobody was guarding him. He did not enter the court room from the yard meant for cars arriving from detention centres. The Triple CEO appeared in court the way people put under house arrest do, experts say.


It is worth noting that the information about changes of Yury Chyzh’s measure of detention has not been reported officially.

The businessman was detained on March 11. He is suspected of major tax evasion.