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Yury Chyzh to stay in jail for two more months


Big businessman Yury Chyzh will stay in jail for two more months, KGB chief Valery Vakulchyk told The investigation is not over and Chyzh is being defended by one lawyer, he said.

Owner of the group of companies Triple Yury Chyzh was detained on March 11. A number of other people suspected of the same crime were detained together with Chyzh, the KGB representative said. The businessman is suspected of violating part 2 of article 243 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (Major tax evasion). He is facing up to seven years of imprisonment. His property may be confiscated and he may be forbidden to work in certain positions.


Major tax evasion means that the sum exceeds the base amount by at least 2500 times – it is Br525 million roubles now.


Vakulchyk also recalled the detention of deputy head of Belarusbank Henadz Haspadaryk.  The reason for his detention was ‘controlled bribery’, the KGB chief noted. “It was bribery but we interfered,” Vakulchyk said. Although the banker was detained with $14 thousands on him, the real sum was bigger, he added.