High-profile businessmen on trial in Minsk

The trial of businessmen Uladzimir and Kazbek Yapryntsaus have begun in Minsk on July 4. The father and son are accused of ‘major group fraud’ (Aticle 209 (4) of the Penal Code).  


The hearing will start in Minsk Central District Court at 11 a.m., the Supreme Court press sectary Yuliya Lyaskova wrote on Facebook. Alyaksandr Arabian, a Triple employee, will also stand trial, BELTA reports. Yury Chyzh, Triple CEO jailed since March, is expected to be a witness there.

Uladzimir Yapryntsau was Chyzh’s deputy. A native of Turkmenistanm, he studied at the Belarusian Institute of Physical Culture and stayed in Belarus after graduation.  Yapryntsau has two daughters and a son – Kazbek. He used to be a well-known sportsman and honoured coach. Uladzimir Yapryntsau has been jailed since the summer of 2015. He was detained after Yury Chyzh and Russian partners’ reports. According to one of the existing versions, it happened due to the fact that prepaid diesel oil had not been supplied to Ukrainian partners.

Уладзімір Япрынцаў. Фота: sputnik.by