Yarmoshyna comments on proposal to "unwind election"

Chairman of the Central Election Commission Lidziya Yarmoshyna commented on the suggestion of the ex-political prisoner Mikalai Statkevich to "unwind elections." Statkevich believes that "the government fabricated the list of presidential candidates before the start of the presidential race," so now the elections cannot be considered legitimate. The politician is convinced that in this situation you need to start the election campaign from the start, with the registration of nominating groups of candidates.

In an interview with Tvoyo Segodnya (online broadcast of the newspaper "SB. Belarus Today") Lidziya Yarmoshyna said that she does not understand what it is -- to "unwind elections." "This is not a film. The events are happening. Elections are scheduled by parliament,"  said the Chairwoman of the CEC.

In response to the question, if Yarmoshyna is happy with Statkevich's release, she said that "it is possible to be glad about the freedom of every person." "I believe that any normal person is happy for the other, if he does not do anything wrong," added the Chairwoman of the CEC.

The ex-presidential candidate Mikalai Statkevich was in prison from December 2010. In May of 2011, he was sentenced to 6 years in prison "for the organization of mass disorder." On August 22, Statkevich was released from Mahiliou prison -- he was pardoned by Lukashenka. The politician never wrote a pardon note. Hhe will be under preventive surveillance for 8 years.

Photo: BELTA