Witness: I saw a guy without an arm on the spot


ERB has talked to one more witness of the explosion in Minsk. This is what he said. Anton: "I was about 30 metres away from the spot of the explosion. There was a loud clap and a blast wave – the feeling was very special. Smoke… But the majority of people thought it was another special effect as there were a lot of them during the concert. There was no panic, nothing… I was the only one who decided to approach that place. But I did not reach it. There were ambulances nearby and people were being carried towards them".

ERB: - What kind of injuries did the people have?

- As far as I understood, those were missile leg injuries. There were cordons around the spot when we approached and we saw – I was not the only one who saw it – a man with a bandaged shoulder. He had no arm...

- How many injured people did you see?

- There were about 30 of them but I did not see everything because I decided to leave.

- How bad the injuries were? Did people walk towards the ambulances or were they carried there?

- There were many people being carried but I think the reason for it was the fact that they had leg injuries… But it was hard to distinguish details…

- What were policemen doing?

- They reacted quite quickly. They put cordons around the ambulances and started expanding the circle. Injured people were being carried there.

- What were the other visitors doing?

- As far as I understood, there were about 200 people who understood what had happened. We walked about 30 metres away and saw that people did not know anything and continued dancing and having fun. We even saw people heading towards the concert as we were walking along Winners Avenue.

- Were the 200 witnesses scared? What were they doing?

- The majority of them were simply watching.