Why you sometimes cannot enter Schengen zone with a Schengen visa


On November 2, well-known Belarusian political analyst Valery Karbalevich was detained by German police at the Frankfurt airport. He had a one-year Schengen visa, an official invitation and was heading to Strasbourg for the World Forum for Democracy as a member of the Belarusian group invited to learn about the work of the Council of Europe. All the participants passed the border control without trouble, but Valery Karbalevich stayed at the airport for the night.

"I have a visa issued by the Consulate of Slovakia. And it was the first entry into the Schengen area. German police decided that I have no right to enter the territory of Germany. Before, I was convinced that I could come on this visa. Turns out, I can't," said the analyst to Euroradio. 

Karbalevich had his visa annulled, given a fine of 100 euros and was taken to ... the transit zone. Fly wherever you want. Only there's no money left for quite an expensive ticket to Minsk, and the only way out is to wait for my flight on Wednesday. Four days and three nights in the airport -- a dubious pleasure. 

Expert Andrei Yeliseyeu explains that German police acted in full compliance with visa regulations. 

"Yes, these problems may arise. After all, the Code of Schengen visas and visa code stipulates that the first trip must be to the country that issued the visa. Or at least most of the time the trip must occur in such a country," he recalls. 

How so? I have many times used Polish issued multi visa to visit Vilnius - Lithuanian border guards asked no questions. Let alone the arrest and fines. Yeliseyeu explains that in this case the Polish visa actually gives the right to enter Lithuania, since it borders on Poland and Vilnius in this case can be considered a transit point. 

"For example, if a Belarusian travels to Poland via Lithuania,  you can say it to Lithuanian border guards. And this is true -- many Belarusians travel this way, and Lithuanians know about it."

Visa Code can be found on the Internet at europa.eu (Schengen Borders Code). Better yet, clarify the nuances of the consulate of the country of the planned journey before traveling there. Because in case of problems, as life shows, even a formal invitation from the Council of Europe will not help you.