Why is it dangerous to look at solar eclipse directly?


Belarusians will be able to see the biggest solar eclipse in 16 years on Friday, March 20. It will start in Minsk at 1.06 p.m.

Highly experienced ophthalmologist from the after-graduation ophthalmology department of the Belarusian State Medical University Tamara Pyahanava has explained why it is dangerous to watch a solar eclipse directly.

“You should not watch a solar eclipse with the naked eye because infrared and ultraviolet waves affect your eyes anyway. You can get a severe burn of your retina (in the yellow spot). The area is used for seeing, reading and distinguishing minute details. We had to treat patients with severe burns of the yellow spot after the previous solar eclipses,” the doctor said.

You should use special devices to look at the Sun safely.

There were patients with retina burns after the previous solar eclipse sin Belarus. People lost their eyesight due to scars on the retina. It is almost impossible to restore eyesight after such burns – the visual acuity will be low anyway.

Photo: cosmos-online.ru