Vice PM reacts to wheelchaired man’s mother deprived of allowance,

Natallya Kachanava has promised to look into the issue of Alyaksandr Audzevich’s mother who was deprived of social allowance when her wheelchaired son was travelling across Europe by hand bike. The vice PM mentioned the problem on Belarus 1 on the evening of October 2.

Lida District Executive Committee deprived Hanna Audzevich of social allowance because she was not looking after her son during his trip. Alyaksandr Audzevich crossed the whole Europe by hand bike in two months but his mother could not accompany him because it was too expensive. She was deprived of her social allowance in his absence. The woman has no other income.

Kachanava has promised to discuss the issue with the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. Officials are discrediting themselves with such actions, she thinks.