"Werewolf’s Night" in Polatsk


“Werewolf’s Night” – a musical performance where five Belarusian rock groups including the legendary “Ulis” participated, took place in the Polatsk palace of culture on Sunday.
The main event was the presentation of a new album of a Polatsk group “Indra” (“Sontsavakol”) recorded with the help of the European Radio for Belarus.

A Polatsk group “Indra” was created four years ago. It has already acquired many fans and has become a laureate at the “Rock-Kola” festival. But this year has become a turning point in the group’s life. The musicians have recorded their first professional album.

At New Year’s Eve the group was informed that they had won in the ERB hit parade. The reward was a possibility to record an album at a studio in Belastok.

The nine songs included in the album “Sontsavakol” were recorded during 5 days of hard and productive work. The result of the work was not only the album but also changes in the musicians’ attitude to their work. The group’s vocalist Volha Andreeva says:

Volha Andreeva: “We decided to reconsider our attitude to the idea why we were doing it. Just to play at concerts or to get some result if we decide to finish our work.

No, we haven’t become sad and pessimistic. We are as cheerful as we have always been. We have grown up in the musical sense”.

But this “grown up” “Indra” has not lost its youthful liveliness and positive energy. The presentation of their album in Polatsk testifies to it.

Local groups “Primus Inter Pares” and “The Planets” opened the party. Then a Minsk group “Reha” continued and charged the audience up. Then “Indra” started their performance.

But the highlight of the programme was the performance of a legendary Belarusian group “Ulis”. By the way, its leader was a musical producer of the Polatsk group’s album and approved of the results of their work.

Vyachaslau Koran: “You can always find some draw backs in an amateur recording. So, when you start working in a studio you try to get read of those drawbacks.

People who aim at it and want to do everything well deserve respect. “Іndrа” did it in this way. They tried to record everything well”.

“Ulis” presented a big programme in Polatsk. It had been their first concert in Belarus for the last two years. The audience welcomed them. The group and the audience got positive impressions from the concert.

There were about 200 hundred concert-goers in the hall. There were youths and experienced rockers.  Some people came to congratulate “Indra”’s fellow countrymen on the presentation of the album, others came with their children in order to listen to “Ulis” - the group they liked when they were young. “Werewolf’s Night” in Polatsk was a success.

Photo by studenty.by