Was Russia booed at Eurovision? (compare 2 videos)

Many people though that Russia was booed when the results were being announced. Euroradio suggests that you compare the reaction of the audience to the fact that the representatives of Russia have made it to the final.

The first semifinal of the international song contest Eurovision-2014 has ended in Copenhagen. The 10 finalists are:

  1. Armenia: Not Alone sung by Aram MP3
  3. Sweden: Undo sung by Sanna Nielsen
  5. Iceland: No Prejudice sung by Pollapönk
  7. Russia: Shine sung by Tolmachevy Sisters
  9. Azerbaijan: Start A Fire sung by Dilara Kazimova
  11. Ukraine: Tick-Tock sung by Mariya Yaremchuk
  13. San Marino: Maybe (Forse) sung by Valentina Monetta
  15. Netherlands: Calm After The Storm sung by The Common Linnets
  17. Montenegro: Moj Svijet sung by Sergej Ćetković
  19. Hungary: Running sung by András Kállay-Saunders

Representatives of 16 countries performed in the semifinal.  Last year’s winner Dutch Emmelie de Forest opened the festival. The public could enjoy an incredible acrobatic performance by Hans Christian Andersen’ The Ugly Duckling while voting.

The public did not like the fact that Russia had made it to the final. The representatives of Russia were booed.

The second Eurovision-2014 semifinal will be held on May 8. Belarus’ representative Teo will be the tenth participant to perform on stage.

The final will be held on May 10. Members of the Big Five – Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France, Spain and Denmark will join the 20 finalists.

Photo: www.eurovision.tv