Vladimir Semashko


Ambassador of Belarus to Russia protests against the discrimination of Belarusian goods.

Belarus Ambassador in Moscow Uladzimir Syamashka / Maksim Blinov, RIA Novosti

Belarus Ambassador to Russia Uladzimir Stamashka says the deal on the mutual recognition of visas is in the final stage.

Photo: BELTA

The Deputy Prime Minister says talks are underway with 'Western partners' but declines to disclose their names.

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Belarusian DPM Uladzimir Syamashka says Belarus will get loans from Moscow worth up to $1 billion 'on good terms.'

Photo: kievcity.gov.ua

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko (in the photo) visits an exhibition of Belarusian equipment, holds talks with Belarus' vice premier.

The resolution was adopted on March 31 and entered into force on the date of adoption.

The Belarus leader says Vice Prime Minister Uladzimir Syamashka who oversees the industry, oil and energy sector cannnot be replaced at the moment.

The contract details are yet to be released.

The cost of 1000 cubic meters of Russian gas will decease for Belarus, Belarusian senior vice PM Uladzimir Syamashka announced.