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Ukraine's capital seeks to buy Belarus-made buses, tractors (pictures)


The Major of Kyiv and former boxing star Vitali Klitshcko sat behind the wheel on a Belarus tractor, a MAZ city bus and other equipment showcased at the Belarus Special Purpose Machinery in the Ukrainian capital. The press office of Kyiv's City Adminstration quotes Klitschko as saying that the city plans to upgrade the fleet of municipal vehicles and will cooperate with Belarusian partners.

Last year, Kyiv bought 50 Minsk-made buses. In late 2015, 30 Belarus tractors were purchased for housing and municipal services. “The equipment works effeciently and complies with European standards," Klitschko said. "The price for these vehicles is approximately 30% cheaper than for similar EU-made models. Our plan is to continue cooperating with Belarusian partners, to deepen this cooperation and purchase the equipment we need through competition-based tenders."

The Kyiv City Administration is set to buy 80 trolley buses and 100 public transportatio buses from Minsk. Belarusian vice premier Uladzimir Syamashka was at the exhibition in Kyiv and assured Vitali Litshcko that only part of the machinery manufactured in Belarus was showcased.