Russia closing market for Belarusian goods - Belarus envoy in Moscow


Russia should stop discriminating against Belarusian foodstuffs and other goods, BelTA reports quoting Belarusian Ambassador to Russia Uladzimir Syamashka. 

He also said that last year the trade turnover between the countries increased by 9.4%, mainly due to supplies from Russia. This year's trade volumes are slightly below last year's levels. Syamashka believes it will be good if we manage to exceed last year's level.

Elaborating on the discrimination of Belarusian products in the Russian market, he mentioned that last year the supply of milk from Belarus to Russia decreased, and this year this situation is still the same. The Russian market is fully or partially closed for 62 Belarusian dairy companies today. About 40 meat processing plants and eight fish processing plants found themselves in the same conditions. "It's nonsense, it shouldn't be like this. Our products are normal and have an appropriate and well-deserved reputation in the Russian market," the diplomat said, outraged.

There are also problems with the supply of Belarusian equipment to Russia. For example, exports of Gomselmash have decreased by 40%. "It is a totally competitive product, but there are barriers," stated Syamashka.