Belarus, Gazprom sign new 3-year gas deal


A three-year contract on Gazprom’s gas supplies to Belarus has been signed, Gazprom Transgaz Belarus told BELTA.

The contract details are being specified.

The new document does not differ from the previous contract much, senior vice PM Uladzimir Syamashka said earlier. The principal pricing formula has been preserved, the official noted. However, Syamashka predicted a decrease in the gas price connected with the default of the Russian rouble. Belarus pays about $168 for 1000 cubic meters for gas now. The price will go down to 154-155 dollars.

Belarus was supposed to get as much gas as needed – about 22 billion cubic metres a year.

The decrease in the gas price will let Belarus save about 300 million dollars a year (less than 0.5% of the GDP), economist Leanid Zlotnikau told Euroradio.