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Venediktov: What can prevent merger with Belarus?

Aleksei Venediktov / Screenshot from video

Editor-in-chief of the radio station Echo of Moscow Aleksei Venediktov has commented on the prospects of the integration of Belarus and Russia in Dmitry Gordon’s programme on the Ukrainian TV channel Nash. “Putin will remain President no matter how it can be achieved,” Venediktov reckons.

Venediktov: Merging with Belarus. What can prevent it?

Gordon: How about Lukashenka?

Venediktov: It is a matter of the price.

Gordon: What about the Belarusian people?

Venediktov: The Belarusian people? I have no idea… How will the Belarusian people vote if there is a voting? [Question:] “Do you want to live happily and wealthily together with Russia?” And “Why should we care?!” I do not know. You need to know the Belarusian people to answer this question. Maybe a referendum is not needed. Maybe the two parliaments should make the decision. We are not going to discuss it with the MPs too much… We can see that this treaty [of the Union State of Belarus and Russia] is being ‘cleaned up’ now… It is being renewed and it means that it is being considered.