Vaitsiushkevich: We should try to get everywhere with culture matters!


Zmitser Vaistsiushkevich's new project is called "Chara" and is composed of a series of songs to the poems of Swedish poets Klemets, Leonduer, Frostensen, translated into Belarusian. 

"It can be compared with a trunk or some box, or a vessel, – explains the name of the project its author Zmitser Vaitsiushkevich. - This poetry is like ecology and water-colours to me. It's in the air, in the fiords, in the waves, in the wind".


"Chara" has already been
presented at one of the concert halls in Stockholm - the musicians played it in
the Northern Theatre in the center of Swedish capital on June 2. 

"Literature elite got together in one
of the concert halls - translators, poets, musicians, –
 Zmitser Vaitsiushkevich says. - Some Swedes told me it was a
real party of the elite"

Despite numerous warnings of people who
tried to convince Zmitser that no one needed Belarusians abroad and there was
no point to try to get there, Zmitser went on.

Zmitser Vaitsiushkevich: "I think that we should try to get
everywhere with culture matters! Moreover, it is worth it to look for cultural
understanding exactly in Sweden".

The majority of texts that Zmitser picked
for "Chara" songs, had already been translated by the Belarusian
poets. As for musical part, this album differs a lot from the previous ones.

Zmitser Vaitsiushkevich: "Swedish literature evenings have
existed for more than 10 years, and the majority of these texts have been
translated before so I had choice. Some of them suited me, some - not. I spent
several years to get it all right".

Sweden's Ambassador to Belarus Stefan
satisfied with the results of their cooperation. Besides, the diplomat wrote an
introduction to "Chara", and his daughter Alexandra Eriksson participated in recording of one of
the songs.

Stefan Eriksson: "This project differs from previous
Vaitsiushkevich's projects a bit. However, you need to be brave in creativity!
Swedish poetry is a bit untraditional, with no rhyme. I think that some Swedish
poets did not even believe that someone could put their poems to music.
proved it was possible".

Stefan Eriksson


Photo: Tsimafej Skibenka