University ranking: Warsaw University - 335, BSU - 500

British agency QS (THE - QS World University Rankings) has published an annual ranking of universities around the world. Belarusian BSU joined the group of universities occupying places 491-500.

During the year the main institution of the country has risen in this ranking by 100 positions. 

"This ranking influences popularity of the university, academic development,  improvement of international relations. And to get there, you need to apply for participation," said the BSU official talking about the importance of such a rating, but BSU lags behind its neighbors. 

Lomonosov University in Moscow occupies the 114th position in the ranking, the University of Warsaw - 335, National University of Taras Shevchenko in Kiev joined the group of places 421-430. During the year, these countries also went up a few notches. But BSU beat Vilnius University which is now at place 600. 

This ranking is compiled by University's popularity among faculty members, explains Professor Uladzimir Dunayeu, friend of the Public Bologna Committee of Belarus. 

"This rating allows for jumps up and down, it really depends on the opinions of instructors, the reputation of the university in their midst. This rating is less objective than others. But we can congratulate BSU," says Uladzimir Dunayeu. 

But adds that Belarus bets on just one university. 

"It so happens, when all the money is thrown at one university, to the detriment of others. Others do not come to the attention. It would be better to have a group of leaders, not just one institution," added the professor. 

The second university in the rating, Belarusian National Technical University, took onlymade it only to place 701+. It did not bulge during the year. 

BSU has got into this world ranking for the second year in a row. In the 2012 ranking Euroradio does not find BSU. The first position, according to the QS World University Rankings, is occupied by the Massachusetts Institute in the United States, the second one -- by the University of Cambridge in the UK.