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Uladzimir Makei comments on Minsk agreements' results for Belarus


Western politicians’ opinion about Belarus has changed owing to the Minsk agreements, Minister for Foreign  Affairs Uladzimir Makei said at the international conference ‘Minsk Agreements A Year Later: Achievements, Challenges, Lessons’. Experts from the Norman Four countries (France, Russia, Ukraine and Germany) took part in the conference hosted by Hotel Renaissance in Minsk on Thursday.

The ‘Minsk format’ has proved useful, the Belarusian diplomacy chief said. If all the sides had observed Minsk agreements, the conflict in East Ukraine would have been stopped long ago, Makei claimed.

Euroradio asked Makei what the Minsk agreements changed for Belarus.

Makei: "It has probably affected the way the West and Europe are looking at Belarus. They see that our intentions are generous and that we are not trying to get any political dividends. We are interested in establishing peace in Ukraine as soon as possible.”

Макей: "Напэўна, гэта паўплывала на тое, як на Беларусь пачалі глядзець на Захадзе і тыя ці іншыя палітыкі ў Еўропе. Яны бачаць, што наша імкненне з'яўляецца шчырым, што мы не спрабуем атрымаць тут нейкія палітычныя дывідэнды. Мы сапраўды зацікаўленыя ў тым, каб ва Украіне як мага хутчэй усталяваўся мір".