Ukraine seizes property of three Belarusian asphalt plants

Belarusian plant in Ukraine /
Belarusian plant in Ukraine /

Ukraine has arrested the property of three asphalt plants owned by Belarusian companies. According to the press service of the Kyiv City Prosecutor's Office, they were transferred to the Agency for the Identification and Management of Assets. 

The cost of the three plants is estimated at more than 120 million hryvnias (8.3 million Belarusian rubles).

The companies are located in the Kyiv, Zhytomyr and Mykolayiv regions of Ukraine. The investigation revealed that they are, in fact, owned by the Republic of Belarus. The companies specialize in various types of road works.

Now the investigators are checking if they have appropriated the funds from the state budget of Ukraine allocated for the construction, reconstruction and road repair. They are also checking whether these companies financed the seizure of state power in Ukraine, the change of borders or the state border.

Earlier, it emerged that the Ukraine security service had seized assets of Russian and Belarusian industrial companies in the Zhytomyr region worth over 30 million hryvnias (approximately $1 million). 

The SBU also initiated the seizure of assets of the Belarusian Oil Company: it was stated that the company was involved in financing the Russian aggression.


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