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Tornado in Belarus: roofs torn off, cranes turned over (photo, video)


Strong winds brought demolition to Sharkaushchyna, Vitsebsk Province, at about 4 p.m. on July 11. Here is the photo of the twist in the village of Sharkaushchyna.

Mikita Vasilevich,

20 house roofs and 3 farms were damaged in the village of Marki, Vitsebsk Province Emergency Control Ministry reports.  Two gantry cranes were turned over near Sharkaushchyna station. Power went off in 8 inhabited localities. Gusts of wind reached 16 m/s. Repair works are being conducted now.

A storm alert has been pronounced in Vitsebsk Province. Gusts of wind may reach 20 and even 24 m/s during thunderstorms.

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