Side-show worker sold drugs in a children’s park

Two drug dealers selling marijuana and amphetamine and their client were detained at Horki Park of Minsk on Monday. One of the dealers was working at a side-show and the other was his university mate – they were last year students of Belarusian State Physical Culture (Sports) University. The seller was officially jobless and was not studying anywhere.
All the detained are young 24 or 25-year-old men. They were detained right after the moment of trade.

A press-officer of Partyzanski District Department of the Interior Andrei Homanau commented on it for ERB:

Andrei Homanau: “After a search it turned out that one of the guys had 0.25 grams of marihuana on him, the other one had 5.94 grams. And there were 0.23 grams of amphetamine found. Two young people were arrested and one was released after having given written undertaking not to leave the country. An investigation has been started. The three cases will most likely be united into one and sent to court.

The young man who only had drugs on him risks to be imprisoned for a term of up to 5 years and the sellers may be imprisoned for up to 8 years with confiscation of their property”.

The guys did not resist to the police while being detained. The buyer explained he was buying drugs for himself to try them out. By the way, even smoking is forbidden in the children’s park.

Andrei Homanau informed ERB that such incidents were rather common and that detentions of the kind were happening every day.