Satellite dishes in Kisyaleu Street are legal

ERB has found a “legally installed” satellite dish in Minsk. It was allowed without any project documents and was simply discussed with the local architect and the housing and communal services department. At the same time, architects from other regions say it is impossible to legalize a dish like that.
The fact that there are three registered satellite dishes in Kisyaley and Hai Streets in Minsk was suddenly announced to us by Minsk housing and communal services department #38. The dishes were legalized not long ago – on October 1. The owner of one of the dishes Larysa Shantsila told us it had not been difficult to legalize the dish.

Larysa Shantsіla: “You just have to talk to the architect of the Central District and then settle it with the local housing and communal services department.

That’s a strange answer. What the project documents, the technical description and all the other things are for in this case? Larysa explained that their dish used to be attached to the elevation of the house and added that they were going to move it to the roof. She said that much fewer documents were needed to install a dish on the roof.

Larysa Shantsіla: “All this is necessary if you want to attach your dish to the elevation of your house. We are moving it to the roof so it will not catch anyone’s eyes. It is necessary to get a permission of the district architect and we did it. Now we are waiting for a car to move the satellite dish (the housing and communal services department has promised to inform us when the car is available)”.

Let us remind you that the Council of Ministers officially informed that there will be no additional documents needed for satellite dishes. We did not manage to talk to the architect of the Central District who had allowed Larysa to install her dish.

At the same time, the chief architect of Kastrychnitski District Alena Suhadolava says that a project decision is necessary even if the dish is going to be installed on the roof.

Alena Suhadolava: “The installation of equipment is a kind of modernization. So you will have to visit Minsk City Executive Committee anyway. A project decision is a must even if you install you dish on the roof”.

According to the article, the company that installed the dish, the parameters of reception and even the frequency of channels are taken into account during the registration of dishes. Does it mean that some dishes receiving particular channels may be banned? Alena Suhadolava gave a positive answer to this question.

The head of the department city design of the Architectural Committee of Minsk City Executive Committee Alyaksandr Andronchyk says that the issue of satellite dishes should be settled on a global scale. Meanwhile, it is easier to install a dish in district centres rather than in the capital.

ERB has found out that “Regulations on installation of satellite dishes” have been adopted in Buda-Kashalyova. According to the head of the housing and communal services department of Buda-Kashalyou District Executive Committee Pyotr Struhalski, the procedure takes only one day:

Pyotr Struhalskі: “You have to discuss it with the architect and communal inspector and that’s it. You can manage to do it in one day because everything is on hand here. And we do not have so many satellite dishes as there are in Minsk”.

The official says that none of the inhabitants of Buda-Kashalyou District has been refused permission to install a satellite dish yet.