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Roman Bessmertny: I am a persona non grata in Belarus

Roman Bessmertny / Syarhei Huzhnenka,

The head of the political group representing Ukraine during the Trilateral Group negotiations in Minsk, Roman Bessmertny, is a persona non grata in Belarus, he told 

"For instance, I am a persona non grata in Belarus. Only God know how much effort it took to make Belarusians let me cross the border,” the Ukrainian politician shared his impressions.

The group conducting the negotiations in Minsk has no clearly indicated authority in Kiev, Bessmertny said. “I am Roman Bessmertny, former vice Minister. But I am only a Ukrainian citizen who needs to cooperate with the Ministry of Justice, the Cabinet, the National Security Council and the Ministry of Defense. I have taken the responsibility to prepare the corresponding decree and institutionalize the group so that they would not say ‘Who are you? Go away’,” he added.

Former Ukrainian Ambassador in Belarus Roman Bessmertny was included in the Trilateral Group at the beginning of July, Euroradio reported. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenski made the decision.