State starts paying compensations to Plyakhanau street blast victims


The explosion occurred in a
building number 85, Plyakhanau
street, on February 23. Two people died.

"The pensioners got
compensation p
ayments - Br 900,000 each. Also,
they provided compensation for a child. 600, 000 or
700 000 Belarusian roubles,"-
says Aleh Filipenya,
a resident of the house where the explosion took place on February 23, to Euroradio.

Officially, the Minsk
city executive committee promises to inform the scope of
compensation payments soon. So
far, they are looking for the best options for accommodation for the residents
of the 10th entrance. Some families moved into the apartments, located close to their former residence, instead of rather
uncomfortable hotel rooms. The city authorities also organized food for them.

The city officials promise to bring
people back into their apartments in April. The remedial construction
works at the site of the explosion have already begun.

Photo - Euroradio