Nyasvizh Mayor eyes new official car for $68K

The tender advert has been published at the website for state purchases. Nyasvizh district executive committee informs that they intend to buy a Toyota Highlander for Br 580 million (approximately $68K) on condition that the vehicle is manufactured in 2012.

Accountant of Nyasvizh district executive committee Lidziya Vyachaslavauna says that her boss's current car is old but declines to comment:

Accountant: "Nissan Extreme, he has had it for long, the car has worn out by 100%. I just follow orders. I will not comment." 

Similar scandals with expensive cars to be bought from tax-payer money were earlier reported by Euroradio in Drahichyn and Yelsk districts. When this information became public, officials in Drahichyn and Yelsk quickly abandoned the idea of buying posh cars for public money.


Photo - netcarshow.com