National Bank: Devaluation SMS is a provocation! (photo)


“It is a provocation! The National Bank has not sent any messages to anyone because it is technically impossible. We have a city line," a bank employee whose phone was used to send the SMS is indignant.

Press secretary of the National Bank Alyaksandr Tsimashenka also says that it is a provocation.

The following SMS has appeared in social networks today:

“Syarhei, Yermakova has signed it and the information has been sent to the regional banks and to Belarusbank. January 8 exchange rates: dollar - 14340, euro - 18116. Withdraw your money and go to currency exchange offices as soon as possible."  The SMS was sent from the phone number belonging to the National Bank.

Entrepreneur Andrei Kabanau posted the photo on Facebook. The SMS was sent to a friend of his, he says. He cannot tell his name because he is close "to the state circles".

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