Minskers to see Vakarchuk's "Brussels" first


The musicians promise that the program of
presentation of "Brussels" will consist not only of the songs
recorded for the album. Apart from the songs performed by Svyataslau Vakarchuk,
the audience will hear the songs of the other vocalist of the project - Syarhej


"There will be more of his songs at
the concert
, – Vakarchuk
says. - Many people asked why there are so few songs performed by Babkin in the
album, but this is what we managed to record so far. We are going to expand the
program, it won't consist of just 12 songs of the album".


Although a considerable part of the first
squad of the band "Ocean of Elza" are involved in the "Brussels"
project, we should not expect the old hits from the band during the concert,
jokes Svyataslau Vakarchuk.


"We agreed not to play any hits of
our main metropolitan bands. Anyway, we'll see, let's not make any forecasts.
Probably, we will play something unusual, which is not a part of
"Brussels". Besides, the Minsk concert will be the first in the tour,
and I don't know whether it will be joy or a gloom for you, -
 Svyataslau laughs. - However, I think it will be a
joy - sheer fresh emotions in any case!"


Let us remind you, the solo-project of the
"Ocean of Elza" frontman Svyataslau Vakarchuk was released a month
ago. He invited the best Ukraine's musicians to work on the album - Syarhej
Babkin (
ех-5’nizza), Zmitser Shurau (ех-Ocean of Elza, Zemfira), a
famous drummer Maxim Malyshau and guitarist of the "Ocean of Elza"
Pyotr Charnyauski. The presentation of the project "Brussels" first
took place live on air on YouTube channel.


The concert will take place in the Palace
of Republic in Minsk on March11.