Looking for explosives in bank in Marx Street during Putin’s visit (photo)


of “Belarusbank” situated in Karl Marx Street, 8 noticed an abandoned case at
about 11 a.m. It turned out that a 50-year-old man had left it there. Witnesses
have informed Euroradio about it. Employees called the police and policemen decided
to ask field engineers for help. Poeple were evacuated from the bank and the neighbouring

The part of
the street was cordoned off at 11.20 a.m. – policemen and people in plain
clothes did not let pedestrians and transport pass and evacuated all the employees
and visitors from the neighbouring institutions, shops and cafes.

has managed to talk to a visitor of the bank who was present there when the case
was found. The woman said that a man had left the case – he put it near the
till at first and then he moved it towards the wall and left.

The case
was examined by a robot and a dog, removed from the room and blown up. There
were documents and the owner’s passport, a CD and some papers in the case. They
were not damaged by the explosion because the case was made of metal.