“It is here”: look anxiety in the eyes


Slabodchykava’s works were not included in the anthology of the decade of Minsk
art, in the group exhibition “Zero Radius” that became famous all over Minsk and
attracted thousands of people to the workshop of “Horizont” plant. At the same
time, Antanina has opened a personal exhibition in the gallery of modern art “Y”.
Euroradio has decided to visit the exhibition to see what else can be done by Minsk
artists and what they pay attention to.

exposition is called “It is here”. It is dedicated to different displays of
anxiety. Slabodchykava is trying to comprehend, utter, materialize, transform
and even eliminate it.

Stop. If the
fuel prices, Russian election and household problems bother you – you will not
understand “It is here”. You should get tuned. You need to stop and listen to yourself.

“It is
great when people understand that these problems are dust that will disappear instantly
some day, - says Antanina Slabodchykava. – But people continue living even if they
know it. But they live differently – some are restricted, others are more philosophical.
I am not trying to change people’s attitude. I am not a preacher. I just think that
getting to know some other points of view is interesting”.

Antanina has
presented her point of view in two halls. The first one is “black” – works made
of wire and decorated with artificial flowers from wreaths are displayed there.
The works make up the main phrase of the exposition “It is here” or “Es ist da”
in German (this is a phrase from a verse written by poetess Monica Ring, analyzed
by Antanina).

The other hall
is “white” – you can get there through a symbolic “hole in the wall”. There are
a few dozen boards with collages and a sunk German phraseological dictionary that
was used to make the collages. The phrase “It is here” is used everywhere, a
lot of attention is paid to texts, words and certain literary men.

Two videos
supplement the installations – the first one with “Es ist da” on a snowy
background and the other one – with the artist’s self-interview where she tried
to describe “the most essential”:

“Es ist da”
denotes something that cannot be denoted and characterizes something that cannot
be characterized. It is about anxiety that concerns us all. People feel isolation,
despair, fear of life and fear of death…” – reasons the artist in the video.

Antanina confessed
in an interview with Euroradio that anxiety was born inside her together with her

Antanіna Slabodchykava: “When I gave birth
to my daughter Marusya, I could not go out for a month. It seemed to me that danger
was everywhere. It may be explained by some hormone changes in medicine”.

She also
added that she was keen on psychotherapeutic  literature, especially on American psychotherapist

We do not know
whether it is going to help you understand “another point of view” or whether
you will be able to forget about “real problems” for at least 3 minutes and
look for “it” somewhere “here”. Let us give you the artist’s advice just in
case – come alone, without any company, be calm, lonely, look, listen and think.

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