Haidukevich: I did not meet Breivik when he was in Belarus


According to the manifest of the Norwegian
terrorist Anders Breivik, he has not only visited Belarus, but studied our
country's political regime. However, he seems not to study it thoroughly
enough, as he mentioned the Liberal-Democratic party of Belarus as an example
of a nationalist party. 

Such "classification" incensed the LDPB leader Siarhej
. The politician refused to believe that the
terrorist had mentioned his party at all in his manifest.

Siarhej Haidukevich“First,
I don't believe in that. Secondly, he'd better look for nationalists in the
Belarusian Popular Front, not in the Liberal-Democratic Party of Belarus. Our
party has never been a nationalist one and no one has ever heard something like
this from me. He is a sick person! When a person kills people this means he is
sick and I don't even want to comment on that”.

Siarhej Haidukevich has no idea how the Norwegian terrorist found out about the
Belarusian Liberal Democrats, if there is indeed such a reference in his
manifest. The politician states that neither himself nor any of his allies met
with Anders Breivik during his stay in Belarus. 

Siarhej Haidukevich: “I
don't know when he was in Belarus, I don't know if he really was here, I have
no idea why he mentioned my party. However, I think this will fade away as soon
as it appeared”.

Haidukevich realizes that there cannot be too much advertisement. However, in
this case, he says, he would do perfectly well without this kind of

— bymedia.net