Detainee released today: No political prisoners lost heart

The people imprisoned for participation in the silent action on July 3 and 6 will be released in Zhodzina today. Euroradio has managed to talk to one of them, Zhenya, on his way to Minsk.

Euroradio: How many days did you spend in prison and where?

Zhenya: “I spent 10 days in jail. According to witnesses, I was punished for “petty hooliganism”. I spent 8 days in Akrestsina and we were transported to Zhodzina on Monday”.

Euroradio: Why do you think you were delivered to Zhodzina?

Zhenya: “We thought about this issue. Maybe it was “a demonstration” aimed at threatening us”.

Euroradio: So, you think that it was a threat. Were the conditions in Zhodzina severe?

Zhenya: “They were. The way they welcomed us was scary.  But nobody lost heart. The guards in Zhodzina were stricter”.

Euroradio: What do you mean by “stricter”?

Zhenya: “The guards were strict; there were many doors and many cages… You could not see the street. They said that walks had been cancelled due to technical issues”.

Euroradio: Has anyone sentenced to 15 days been transferred to Zhodzina?

Zhenya: “Yes, there were people arrested for 15 days with us”.

Euroradio: Did you receive parcels and Akrestsina and in Zhodizna?

Zhenya: “We did. Everything was okay. We also received parcels from relatives and volunteers in Zhodzina and we are very grateful to them for it”.

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