Hanna Balakhovich

The Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs did not answer journalists’ question about political prisoners.

Spokesperson for Catherine Ashton explains why Hanna Shadryna and two Belarusian companies were removed from EU black list.

The Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs has ignored the invitation to come to Brussels.

European MFAs have commented on the situation in Belarus ahead of the Council of the EU session.

Euroradio got a comment from Poland's MFA on the return of the EU states ambassadors to Minsk.

Euroradio tried to find out from EU representatives whether the ambassadors will indeed return to Belarus together, but quietly, with no official statements.

Representative of the Center for Ecological Decisions Yauhen Labanau has told Euroradio about the ways they struggle with waste in Belarus.

They are ceasing of repressions against the Belarusian civil society and return to the way of democratization.

Polish Minister for Foreign Affairs negatively estimated yesterday's decision of the Council of the EU on Belarus.