Euronest: Uladzimir Makei has not explained anything


A meeting of the work group on Belarus is taking place during the third plenary session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Eastern Partnership (Euronest) this Tuesday. Representatives of the Belarusian opposition are observers there. However, Minister of Foreign Affairs Uladzimir Makei has not come.

Member of the Euronest secretariat Mihail Chaplitski told Euroradio:

“We always send invitations to the Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs, he is invited to all Euronest meetings. But we have never received any response from Uladzimir Makei. According to the official position of the Belarusian government, the Minister of Foreign Affairs will not take part in these meetings until Euronets starts inviting Belarusian MPs there. That is why it is only a formal invitation. He has not replied to it. However, unofficial information about his refusal could probably be acquired in the Belarusian Embassy to Brussels.”

Representatives of the United Civil Party, Belarusian Party of the left - Fair World, BPF Party, movement For Freedom, campaign  Tell the Truth! and the steering committee for the creation of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party have arrived in Brussels.

See here for the agenda.