Could coach put doping to Astapchuk's coffee indeed? (photo, video)

Coach Alyaksandr Yafimau claimed that he had added metenolone to Nadzeya Atsapchuk's coffee. We have conducted a journalism experiment to find out whether it could be true.

We asked some sportsmen to help us buy the illegal anabolic steroid for the test.

An ampoule of intramuscular "Primabol" costs about 8 dollars.

We had to wait for pills for about two weeks and bought "Primabol tablets" for 60 dollars. One pill weighs 50mg.

Experiment  1.

We added the liquid "Primabol" to coffee and stirred it.

A thick oil patch appeared on top of the drink. The mixture had a distinct chemical smell.  Thus, it was impossible to add the dope to coffee.

Experiment 2.

We milled two pills and added the power to coffee. You need to stir it for several minutes to make it disappear. The smell differed from normal coffee only a little. You could taste some chemical substance in it but it was not distinct and not everyone could notice it.

However, you could notice sediment at the bottom. The metenolone cannot be dissolved completely.

It means that it is impossible to add this dope to coffee quickly. And it is easy to notice sediment in the cup.


The experiment conducted by Euroradio proved that it is very difficult to dissolve metenolone in coffee.

Euroradio's preliminary research also proves it: there was no coffee on the menu of the restaurant Astapchuk took her meals at.

Did Nadzeya Astapchuk take the dope on her own? What part did the coach play in it?

Conclusions are up to you.