"Blacklisted" Belarusians: Who can we complain to?!


13 surnames were added to the list of
Belarusian officials, who are prohibited to enter the territory of the EU on
May 24. Visa sanctions were imposed on the representatives of the Belarusian
court system, who took part in recent trials against Square participants. The
school principal from Talka Natallia Merkul, who fired a teacher of history and
a civil activist Natallia Ilyinich, joined them. 

Euroradio has discovered a document,
according to which everyone who considers himself "blacklisted"
unfairly may send a corresponding request to the Council of the European Union,
together with supporting documentation, so they would reconsider their decision.
However, we haven't noticed such willingness among the banned officials:

“They are simply showing off, — the head of the Writers' Union Mikalaj
 thinks, — Thus, I think there is no
point in writing there. It is better just to ignore this”.

Some banned officials, who asked not to
reveal their names, told that it was hurtful and unfair, and that the European
officials wanted to humiliate them by this permit to claim their decision.
However, Natallia Merkul has no emotions in this regard. It is
normal - the school principal of Talka secondary school is the smallest figure
in the "black list".

Natallia Merkul: “I think it makes sense to complain. They
just banned me from entering as if I was some kind of a terrorist”.

The Deputy Head of the Central Election
Commission Mikalaj Lazavik
 was sincerely offended by making the "black
list". He does not understand why the CEC members, who did so many efforts
to make the Belarusian election "as democratic as possible" were
included in this list. 

Mikalaj Lazavik: “I have already planned my vacation. I
have a house in the village, there's good fishing there. I usually divide my
vacation into two parts - to go fishing in the beginning of summer and to pick
mushrooms when summer ends”.

Therefore, Lazavik is not going to ask to
cross him out of the "black list" by now as well.

Photo: http://belinternat.org/