Artists and journalist detained in Kastrychnitskaya Square


The detention happened at
about 13.00. Artist Mikhail Hulin, accompanied by three assistant,s was walking along the
square perimeter holding abstract geometrical figures. Nasha Niva newspaper's camera operator Tatsyana Haurylchyk was filming the action. Some time later, special ops policemen
approached the youngsters and asked to come with them for personal
identification. They were put into a bus and delivered to the Central district
police department.

Mikhail Hulin has told
Euroradio that the police behaved rather politely. However, when the detainees
refused to give their fingerprints, the policemen used force. The youngsters
didn't see the protocols of detention. As of writing (16:35) they are still
in the police department. Only Tatsyana Haurylchyk was released.

Mikhail Hulin had managed to
hold the same action in the Independence Square together with three volunteers.
The artists attracted no attention of police there.