Anatol Lyabedzka detained in Astravets

The UCP leader knows nothing about the mysterious “unauthorized” leaflets – he has not been shown any. However, he has been asked to explain his presence in Astravets.


Anatol Lyabedzka: “They said that somebody had left leaflets in Valadarski Street and that it could be connected with me. Then they asked me why I had come and why I was so interested in Astravets NPP, ect.”

Anatol Lyabedzka is going to leave the local District Department of the Interior soon and to return to Minsk before Chernobyl Way starts, he told Euroradio. The journalists detained by Astravets police have not been released so far, he noted.

The traditional manifestation Chernobyl Way will be held in Minsk today. The Freedom Day itinerary will be used for it: people will gather near the cinema October at 6.30 p.m. and the meeting will finish in Bangalore Square. Euroradio will present a live report from the spot.